Comp 1, long gone. Round 2. Here we go!

Time fly’s when you’re having fun … well so they say. I can’t quite say it’s been the easiest of journeys from bodybuildig to powerlifitng. Injury, changing coach and other obstacles have been far too much of a distraction and not as smooth as I ever imagined, but these things come to test us. I have been rather quiet on here I know, but if you follow my instagram @lydia_briars, you will see I am still training and still powerlifting!

Comp two is coming up, Sunday 9th December, and I have a mixture of emotions – I am looking forward to seeing if I have made any progress from my last comp, 6 weeks ago but I am aware my training has not been the most efficient – and I can’t say I have followed my programme to the T. Multiple of factors have played a part – injury, physio, and business but I know I have done my best at the time, so I can’t really complain. I am not going to make excuses for myself. I will take Sunday as it comes.

Comp one results to try and beat:


I would like to think my squat has a lot of room for improvement – well so my physio says – lack of glute activation is possibly preventing my squat numbers, so after Sunday this will be a focus for me and I will start working more on my glute development. Bench is going well and I hope I can put a small amount more on this come comp day, when adrenaline is high! Deadlift – that’s a tricky one – deadlifts put a lot of strain on our central nervous system, but all being well on the day, I should be fresh enough from a week off heavy training and we will get something fairly decent!

I have already qualified for the British Champs for classic bench, so pressure is off for that. However, PB’s would be nice.

I have really enjoyed powerlifting but my passion lies with bodybuilding – I know that and have known that from the start. I’ve given this a go and I am likely to dip in and out of powerlifting, but I know what I want and I will not give up bodybuilding purely just to be strong and compete in powerlifting events. I miss the aesthetics and fullness that bodybuidling training gives you – when they say that a lot of powerlifters don’t look like powerlifters, they really do mean it – I am lighter now than I was when I first started my powerlifting programme and have lost muscle mass. Stopping my own hypertrophy work has taken a hit on my physique, but I hope I can pick this back up when I have finished competing for the year! Training should make you feel good too and when you lose your physique, what you spent building up for nearly three years in my case, is actually hard to take when muscle starts disappearing! It is a bit of a head f*** . Now I can see slightly how bodybuilders competing must feel once they come off stage and off season starts! Blimey, I have a lot to come!

It’s all part of the process and you do what you have to do for the sport you dedicate yourself to. You just have to keep reminding yourself that it is not all lost and your body will change and adapt, it is just a matter of time, hard work and discipline!

Yes, powerbuilding is a thing – a mix of bodybuilding and powerlifting but trying to get the two sports to work together in a competitive way and peaking at the right time for both would be hard. It has been done and there are lifters that do both, but right now it’s one thing at a time!

I have set my sights on Bristh bench in February 2019, but then we are back to bodybuilding! Well that’s where I see myself now. Things may change and they probably will. I am just going to take it as it comes.

At the start of the year, I never imagined I would be competing in powerlifting, so I have done more than I set out to do this year in terms of my own fitness. And I will keep on challenging myself in other ways, because I’m not one to sit around waiting for the world to pass me by. I’m done with floating and I’m choosing to set myself goals to challenge me both physically and mentally.

This is just the start!

If you want to keep up to date with my training, I post more frequently on instagram @lydia_briars and my business personal training page @juststrivefitness. This also features my clients progress!

I’ll be back soon with results post comp!

Take away from this:

Never take your eyes of the goal. The journey is a process, take it for what it is and whatever you do, do not quit! Winners never quit, and quitters never win. Be a winner! 


Lydia Briars
Just Strive Fitness

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4 thoughts on “Comp 1, long gone. Round 2. Here we go!

  1. Good luck! Yikes though – six weeks is a short training cycle, I can understand why you’d be losing mass moving from peaking to peaking (effectively). I think you might be able to play around with some of the longer PL programs (maybe 16+ weeks) and extend the hypertrophy phase and shorten the strength/peaking phases and still make good gains in both.

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    1. Thank you!

      Ah yes you’re probably right – I had 12 weeks to prep for my first comp then another 6 weeks for my second one and it’s quite depressing losing muscle mass. I was doing about 3-4 exercises per muscle group prior to any powerlifting programme and know that this is why I’ve lost muscle! I was actually looking for a power building coach so to speak because I love both the disciplines! Only way is up though and I’m going to start hypertrophy work again during December alongside bench technique and a PL programme based on this. Do you compete?


      1. Losing muscle mass when you’re cutting weight is also really frustrating – it’s so hard to say goodbye haha. So for bodybuilding you were doing full body 3ish times a week? That’s quite a bit of volume – a lot of powerlifting programs that have mostly lower rep schemes won’t keep up with that. High volume squats give the best of both worlds! I train for the supertotal (weightlifting+powerlifting), but I haven’t competed yet. Once my shoulder heals I really should though! For PL my lifts are (in kg) 248/147/236 and weightlifting is 105/127 at 123 kg BW.

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  2. Thanks for the reply! 🙂

    Yes frequency was there – push pull legs were my split – 5-6 sessions a week. Then when I got a PL coach it went down to 4 sessions. 2 upper and 2 lower days. But less accessory work to what I was used to.

    So of course muscle mass is going to be lost! But I just wasn’t expecting it I guess!

    Oh wow that’s cool! Well it’s a great experience competing and I would recommend it! 💪🏼💪🏼

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